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Do you read Terms & Conditions?

GuidefAI plans to simplify complex instructions and information for a clear understanding !

2 important things that most people don't read:

Who we are?

We are GuidefAI. A SaaS platform that helps brands transform PDF product instruction manuals into an enhanced digital experience,accessible through a QR code.

Principle behind our prototype

GPT took the world by storm and we wanted to experiment with it. We also have in mind the second thing that people overlook, that being Sign-up agreements. We think that companies abuse the fact that people don’t read it.

In this digital age and AI’s at the horizon, the data will be more impactful and we should protect ours much better!

Impact and Potential

A chat assistant or ‘interrogator’ that analyzes and summarizes the information from agreements, similar to GDPR policies and cookie consent, could standardize the way we interpret data and be made available to users to ask any questions about the terms of service.

Paste a piece of the sign-up agreements below: 0/4096 - For the sake of low-cost per request.

Or try it on one of the companies below:

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Reduce it to 3 simple questions

We tweak & trick GPT to always summarize it with the questions that really matter. The true power lies in the prompt so we work hard in expanding it's limits for the best and most clear results.

What they collect?

Forcing the prompt to extract any data the company may be gathering from you.

How is data used?

Extracting how companies plan to use your data and with who they are sharing it with.

How can it affect me?

Making GPT explore some possibilities on how this data and usage may be affect you.

This should be a standard for all websites

Like GDPR Policies unvailed the use of cookies, same should happen with Privacy Policies & Data usage on sign-ups.

Do you agree with this?

You already voted!

AI doc Interogrator

Being able to interogate Sign-up agreements before you register.

AI Summarization

Beeing capable to summarize it for users upon request.

Easy Understanding

To be easily understood by anyone at any age.

Run Scenarios

Generate scenarios on how the shared data  may impact you.

Curious how it will go?

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