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Product Instructions are Broken

Paper manuals will become outdated in this digital age.

Product Instructions are Broken

Product Instructions are Broken

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All-in-One Platform

That helps brands to easily build digital product guides and use them for post-purchase marketing.

Convert PDF

Transform your PDF user manual into a sleek mobile web application.

Customize Experience

Enhance your manual with modules & customize to fit your brand style.


Place QR, link or NFC  with the product for instant access.

Connect & Engage

Build & maintain a strong connection with your customers after the sale.

Benefits of a Digital User Manual

Give your customers a digital wallet for your product that contains all the revelant information & functionalities

Up-to-date Digital Manual

Keep your user manual alwyas up-to-date.

Interaction Statistics

See how customers interact with the product.


Reduce CO2 footprint,and adopt green solutions.

Post-sale engagement

Direct post-sale channel to connect & engage.

Expand Functionality

Provide your customers all they need in regard of your product, besides the User Manual.

Customer Sign-up

Creating an account in the digital manual allows customers to save warranty information and keep a record of their owned products.

Product Registration

Provides customers with the capability to register their product without hassle.

Product Authenticity

Generating authenticity certificates for customers allows them to confirm the originality of their product with ease.

Social & Contact

Make it easy for customers to find your social channels or reach out to you directly through a contact form.


The digital manuals from Guidefai are designed to be easily understood by customers from around the world, with instructions in multiple languages.

Embedd Rich Media Content

Gives the ability to embedd videos, 3d models, animations or any type of interactivities.

Activate coupons

Gives customers the ability to activate coupons or vouchers directly from their manuals.

Manuals Library

Your customers can easily manage all of their manuals for products from your company by saving them in one centralized location.

+ many more...

Statistics on customer interactions

Better understand how your customers are interacting with your products and what issues they face.

Find the perfect time to up-sell

Our smart system knows when and which product to upsell related products to increase sales.

Optimize your costs from now on

Optimize Costs Across Multiple Departments - Reduce Stress and Maximize Efficiency.


Marketing Costs


Co2 Footprint


Development Costs


Customer Support

Easy to integrate

Fast integration with your favorite tools

Environmentally Friendly

Recycling Awearness

Solutions to improve your rate of recycled products and to properly educate customers about their impact.

Eco-friendly solutions

A digital manual can greatly reduce your printing costs and still offer a more efficient solution.

Reduce CO2 Footprints

By transitioning to GuidefAI manuals, you can lower your company CO2 footprints.

Laws & regulations are being implemented


Countries Regulated


E-waste Directives


Mt of e-waste


Recycled e-waste