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Cookie Policy

Last Updated : 12 Oct 2022

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Please carefully read this Cookie Policy („Cookie Policy”), applicable when using in any manner the website together with all software made available and any other sub-domain assigned to a Brand; such software has an interface and certain functionalities available only for Brands (the “Platform”) and a different interface together with special features available only for Users (the “App”). The GuidefAI App is available to download as a Progressive Web App (“PWA”), for any device with internet connection, optimized for mobile phones and tablets and, through it, Users can access the Documentation made available by the Brands by scanning the QR code provided together with the Brands’ products and/or services (“GuidefAI”, “App”).

You are able to navigate / access the Software without having an account („Visitor”) or you can create an account on the Software („User”). Accessing the Software, both as Visitor and User, represents your unconditional and express consent regarding this Cookie Policy.
Herein, „we” or „ours” means GuidefAI, while „you” and „yours” means Visitor and/or User of the Software.

Data Controller(s) and Data Processor(s)


Our identification details are: 
Name: GUIDEFAI S.R.L. (“GuidefAI”, “Company”, “us”, “we”)

Postal address: Timisoara, 9 Dr. Iosif Nemoianu Street, Rooms 1, 2 and 4, flat 2, Timiş county, Romania

E-mail address:

This Cookie Policy is applicable when you, the Visitor or User of the Software navigate through our Software and certain Personal Data pertaining to you are processed for this purpose by GuidefAI as a Data Processor, on behalf of the Brands as the Data Controllers. To this end, if not stated otherwise in our Software Privacy Policy or in a separate disclosure, we process such Personal Data as a processor/service provider on behalf of the Brands and their affiliates, who are the Data Controller, establishing the purposes and means for the processing of your Personal Data through our Software. In this sense, please take into account that the processing of your personal data is also governed by the privacy policy of the Brand, of which you have scanned the QR code.
For any questions and/or queries regarding the processing of your personal data and/or regarding this specific policy, please contact us via postal services or via e-mail at our contact details referred above. 

Why and how do we use Cookies

We use cookies within our Software in order to offer you functionalities which may not be fulfilled otherwise, as well as for a personalizing and improving your experience when accessing the Software, through functionalities such as: language selection, quick access to relevant information, optimization of our navigation menu, etc. At the same time, we use cookies in order to facilitate a future access to our Software.

Continuing to further use our Software represents, in respect of certain cookies, your consent regarding our use of your personal data. We specifically request your consent in relation to the use of certain cookies, such as those for „personalized marketing”, which are employed for analyzing the behavior of users through the Software.
GuidefAI does not assume responsibility for the cookies placed on your devices by other internet pages or for the data collected through such internet pages. 

What are cookies

A cookie is a small text file that a website stores on your computer or mobile device when you visit our Software. Depending on the time frame that the cookie is stored, there are two types of cookies – session and persistent cookies. 

session cookies – these cookies, sent by a server to the browser you are using for navigating, will be automatically deleted when you quit the browser. 

persistent cookies – these cookies sent by a server to the browser you are using for navigating, will be stored by the browser and will remain active until the expiration date (if you don’t choose to delete them before).
In general, cookies are used on a large scale for the following purposes:
-saving preferences and settings;
-determining the content’s popularity;
-determining and measurement of campaigns’ efficiency;
-supporting security measures and detection of fraudulent activity;
-selection of displayed messages and measurement of the interaction with such messages;
-recognition of the user’s device; 
-analysis of the trends and the traffic and an overall comprehension of the behavior and online interests of the users / visitors interacting with our Software.

Generally, the cookies do not contain information able to identify you, but the personal data that we collect may be corelated with other personal data obtained from you and stored on our servers. To this end, certain cookies collect anonymous information unable to identify you, while others collect information which can identify you like, for example, the IP address.

Cookies used by GuidefAI

We use the following types of cookies:
1. Strictly necessary cookies — These cookies are essential for the user to browse the website and use its features, such as accessing secure areas of the site or help ensure that the content of a page loads quickly and effectively by distributing the workload across numerous computers. Also, these cookies allow you to navigate back and forth between pages without losing your previous actions from the same session. As a general rule, we will not ask for your consent for placing these cookies. 

2. Preferences cookies — Also known as “functionality cookies”, these cookies allow us to remember the choices that you have made in the past, like language preference, region or username and password so that you can automatically log in. 

3. Statistics cookies — Also known as “performance cookies,” these cookies collect information about how you use a website and only monitor the performance of the site as the you interact with it, looking at which pages you visited, which links you have clicked on or if you got any error messages. This info is anonymous – cannot be used to identify you – and is aggregated. The purpose of these cookies is to improve website functions. 

4. Marketing cookies — These cookies are specifically designed to gather information from your device to create user profiles and to display advertisements to you based on relevant topics that interest you. These will help advertisers deliver more relevant advertising to you or to limit how many times you see an ad. These cookies can share that information with other organizations or advertisers. These are persistent cookies and almost always of third-party provenance.

On our Software we use the following cookies. Please note that the name of such cookies may be modified, due to technical reasons. 

Name of the cookie / other technology



Cookie type (session / persistent) 





A signed token which is used to identify

the user whenever he tries to access the


First-Party (session)

24 hours



Used to store the user option of cookie

(accepted or declined) so he won’t be asked


First-Party (persistent)




Used to store the preferred language of

user when accessing resources

First-Party (session)

3 years















Please note that you may encounter situations when certain elements of other websites or platforms may appear on our Software. For example, a Facebook like button or a Youtube video. When such elements appear on our Software it means that we have integrated those functionalities within our Software and, therefore, the companies owning those elements, will also place cookies and gather information. 

While we embed certain third-party cookies on our Software, the access is generally restricted. Third-party cookies are created by domains different than the GuidefAI’s domain. These are usually used for online-advertising purposes and placed through adding scripts or tags and, most importantly, this type of cookies are accessible on any website that loads the third-party server’s code.

Important! Please consider that GuidefAI offers Brands the possibility to create their Brand Platform (the one displayed to you after scanning the QR code). In creating the Brand Platform, Brands may choose to embed any type of cookie and/or other tracking technologies. Therefore, while this Cookie Policy informs you about the cookies that we, GuidefAI use, we reiterate again: please carefully read the privacy and cookie policies of the Brand of which you have scanned the QR code! 

Also! The third-party cookies and the information which may be collected are not under the control of GuidefAI. Furthermore, there is the possibility that the third parties may use the data collected through cookies for their own purposes. To this end, please read the privacy and cookie policies of those parties for more details.

How can you manage cookies


You have the option to deactivate / delete the cookies by changing the settings of the device / browser which, as a general rule, will provide you with the relevant information regarding the manner in which you may reject, delete or block cookies. Below you will find links to the relevant information provided by the most used browsers. Also, the “Help” function, available in any browser, will lead you to the available features for setting your options.

Google Chrome

Internet Explorer

Mozilla Firefox



Please consider that generally, the cookies that we enable are used in order to facilitate certain functionalities of the Software and, should you decide to deactivate certain cookies, the proper performance of the Software may be affected, and some features might not be accessible. 

For more information about cookies please consult: or



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